14 new coronavirus cases registered; 2 recover

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Fourteen new coronavirus cases were detected following 1,727 swab tests carried out in the last 24 hours. Another two patients have successfully recovered. The total number of active cases stands at 90. Malta has now confirmed 546 coronavirus cases.

Nine of the newly detected cases were asymptomatic.

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12:54 Is this the second wave?

Prof. Gauci explains that this was not about the number of cases, but one needs to look at the rate of transmission. She adds that the retail outlets which were allowed to reopen, did so implementing mitigating measures.

Antibody testing:
Prof. Gauci said that Malta has acquired several types of kits, which are being validated. Once a kit is validated, the authorities will roll out testing.
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12:52 One should continue practicing social distancing. The concept will be applied throughout the pandemic.

Prof. Gauci appeals to the public to cooperate and to understand that this was being done for their own good.

Whether the virus could be contracted from the sea, Prof. Gauci says that it was not possible.
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12:51 A person's body temperature regulates itself and would not test as though they have fever if they are screened at malls.
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12:48 Prof. Gauci says that it is not a question of false negative, but the viral load. A person may have symptoms but does not have the necessary viral load to test positive. The person might be carrying another virus and therefore they should stay in isolation.

Prof. Gauci explains that repetitive testing of individuals who had a high exposure.
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12:46 The average rate of transmission has remained below 1, Prof. Gauci says. There have been times when we experienced a spike but an average is needed.

The necessary measures were taken such as placing those who were in contact with patients who tested positive, under quarantine, when asked about the number of healthcare workers testing positive.
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12:45 Prof. Gauci says that one needs to evaluate the impact of lifting the measures.
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12:42 First question relates to number of patients being treated in hospital. The second question relates to safe travel corridors after the Tourism Ministry published a list on Facebook.

3 patients at Sir Paul Boffa Hospital
6 patients at St Thomas Hospital
2 patients at the Infectious Diseases Unit at Mater Dei Hospital
3 patients at Karin Grech Hospital

On the second question, Prof. Gauci says that there is a discussion at a European level.
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12:42 Question time!
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12:41 The bulletin is now being delivered in English.
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12:40 Prof. Gauci underlines the importance of keeping the social distancing measures to contain the spread.
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12:34 Out of the 14 cases, 5 had symptoms associated with coronavirus.

Those cases with symptoms:

Man, 18: He works in a retail outlet. Contact tracing underway.

Man, 28, symptoms developed. Works in a private company.

Man, 62, developed covid-19 symptoms.

Man, 60, developed covid-19 symptoms.

Woman, 23, who works at a take-away. The establishment was closed ahead of disinfection.

Asymptomatic cases:

Man, 40, of Gozo, public sector employee

Man, 38, public sector employee

Man, 46, works in a private company

Man, 54, healthcare worker at Mater Dei Hospital – risk assessment underway.

Woman, 61, was admitted to hospital due to unrelated issue and tested positive.

Woman who works as a carer in the ENT ward and was under quarantine.

Man, 54, healthcare worker

Woman, 33, carer, was in contact with a patient that tested positive. She was already in quarantine.

Woman, 22, healthcare worker, who works in a different ward and was found to be positive for coronavirus.
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12:34 546 coronavirus cases have been registered in Malta.
Monique Agius
12:33 The two individuals which recovered fall in the age brackets of 30-39 and 40-49. A total of 450 individuals have recovered.
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12:33 Prof. Charmaine Gauci begins to address the press briefing.
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12:28 Good afternoon and welcome to this live blog. Earlier today, the Health Ministry announced that 14 coronavirus cases were detected overnight after 1,727 swab tests were carried out.
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The number of cases were announced on the Health Ministry’s official page. Superintendent of Public Health, Prof. Charmaine Gauci, will elaborate on the new cases during the daily press briefing at 12.30pm.

OFFICIAL COVID-19 figures for 𝟭𝟲•𝟬𝟱•𝟮𝟬𝟮𝟬Profs Charmaine Gauci will further explain the latest updates at 12:30pm on Covid19 Malta.Chris Fearne | MaltaGov | Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Directorate

Posted by saħħa on Saturday, May 16, 2020

The ministry also announced that two individuals have successfully recovered from coronavirus.

A total of 450 individuals have recovered so far.

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