The Tramp that sings no more

Thirteen years ago today, Dominic Grech, singer of the Gozitan band known as The Tramps lost his life.

His son, Richard who is also a musician, said on Facebook that he will always remember his father sitting on a stool with a guitar on his lap and singing. Richard said that he is sure that his father is still playing and singing everyday. He also said that, together with his family, Richard misses his presence in their lives.

One of The Tramps‘ and Dominic’s biggest successes is still the song Xemx, which has almost become a national symbol. The Tramps is known as one of the most popular bands in pop music in Gozo. Back in the 1980s, the band won the Malta Song Festival with the song Sinjur, ġib il-Paċi.

Although they are known for their songs Xemx and Inti Djamant, the band The Tramps  and Dominic Grech had an extremely good reputation with fun songs that delighted audiences in the 70s and 80s. Among their most popular songs, the band had also recorded a number of songs for Christmas time.