12 Maltese police officers trained in forensics abroad

DOI - Reuben Piscopo

12 Maltese Police Officers participated in training given by the Netherlands Forensic Institute Scene of Crime Experts at the Academy for Disciplined Forces. Home Affairs Minister Michael Farrugia said that “we have to upgrade to modern Forensic techniques and methodologies”.

In a statement, the Minister spoke of the Forensic Science Laboratory undertaking modernisation processes. “Continuous training, specialisation and expertise of personnel are vital in the forensic area,” said Dr Farrugia adding that the Ministry aims “to have certified trained personnel who can serve their respective duties in the most effective manner.”

Parliamentary Secretary for Consumer Protection Deo Debattista also added that forensic science holds within it the responsibility of medicine, the intricacy of law, and the universality of science.

The two-week course at the NFI was run by experts Paul Van Den Hoven and Martin Ross. In 2016, the NFI delivered a 5-week course on DNS Sampling, Scene of Crime photography, bloodstain pattern analysis, investigation and securing evidence. A future training course in March by the same Institute will include General Crime Scene management, Basic Forensic principles and theories, basic and new methodology crime scene recording methodology.