103’s Bobbie on what is “cuddly, wild and playful”

Bobbie Abela, a team member of 103’s Kevin’s Road Show, told Newsbook.com.mt that she relates to cub lionesses as they are “cuddly, wild and playful”. She lives the colour white and fears insects invading her space.

She joined 103 as the station “has brought something new to Malta’s radio waves – it is a station that is fresh and fun, yet educational and classy – Malta was in desperate need of this fresh new frequency.” Kevin’s Road Show, A Drive with Friends is broadcast Monday to Friday between 4.00p.m. and 7.00p.m.

The full interview with Bobbie Abela follows.

Newsbook.com.mt: If you had to change your name (and surname) what would you change it to?

Bobbie: Having a name like Bobbie already gives me quite some originality (thanks to my Mum and Dad – my mum for the love of boys names on girls, and my dad for having a slight difficulty in pronouncing his r’s, hence both calling me Bobbie instead of Roberta (my official name) since the day I was born.) Then again I wouldn’t exclude going for a different surname – perhaps Bobbie Mercury?

Newsbook.com.mt: What animal do you relate most to?

Bobbie: A lioness cub – cuddly, wild and playful. Watch it though – play too rough and this lioness may easily sound her roar and use those claws.

Newsbook.com.mt: What’s your favourite colour?

Bobbie: White – yes I know its technically not a colour (or at least according to the laws of physics it is not), but anyone who knows me knows about my obsession with having EVERYTHING in white.

Newsbook.com.mt: Tell us a famous quote that has inspired you.

Bobbie:  “Live each day as if it were your last” – life is too short to be spent dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. The past is something we have no control over, it is done and dusted. The future has not happened yet, it is unknown and what is the point of worrying about something which has not happened yet? We were only given one life and we should just LIVE it by experiencing each individual moment as we experience it in the present. It is the NOW that we should be primarily focusing on.

Newsbook.com.mt: Who of the recent popes has influenced you most in your life?

Bobbie: Definitely St Pope John Paul II especially for one of his many famous quotes “The future starts today, not tomorrow” – if you want do something particular or be someone who makes a difference – Do it now, start today not tomorrow.

Newsbook.com.mt: What is your greatest fear?

Bobbie: Insects invading my personal space. Yuck.

Newsbook.com.mt: What song irritates you most?

Bobbie: Baby Shark (doodoo doodoo doodoo)

Newsbook.com.mt: Name one object you can’t live without

Bobbie:  Those who know me, know about my obsession with capturing the moment, and I do so by means of photos and videos (both taking them and being in them). So my answer to this question is – a camera.

Being a person who does not possess a photographic memory, I am unfortunately unable to remember many sights I’ve seen, and experiences I’ve witnessed. These include particular landscapes and even precious moments with certain people, especially my late brother Drew. Therefore I compensate by trying to capture as many moments as I can using a camera so that I can revisit the moment and relive that priceless memory.

Newsbook.com.mt: What would you choose: a career you love or a big sum of money?

Bobbie: Definitively: a career I love. No doubt about it. As I reach towards the end of my time as a law student, I welcome this with open arms and hope that the career cut out for me (whatever that is) is out there somewhere waiting for me to grab hold of it. Then again, who would not want a big sum of money to well, you know, buy a Lambor… heq him I mean… um… help save the world and those less fortunate

Newsbook.com.mt: Why 103?

Bobbie:  “Why NOT?” should be the real question to ask. 103 has brought something new to Malta’s radio waves – it is a station that is fresh and fun, yet educational and classy – Malta was in desperate need of this fresh new frequency, and now it is here, transmitting loud and clear and I’m so excited to be part of it all – a piece of history in the making.