103, spreading love and entertainment – Antoine Mifsud

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

Hawks and tigers are Antoine Mifsud’s favourite animals while venomous reptiles are his greatest fears. Mifsud, one of the team presenting Kevin’s Drive time show shared with Newsbook.com.mt a few insights about his life.

Mifsud joined ‘103’ as it spreads love while educating and entertaining audiences.

Kevin’s Road Show, A Drive with Friends, is broadcast Monday to Friday between 4.00p.m. and 7.00p.m.

The full interview follows:

Newsbook.com.mt: If you had to change your name (and surname) what would you change it to?

Antoine Mifsud: I like my name and would not change it. I would consider changing my surname for one which would make my “stage name” easier to remember. I am still looking for a surname that would fit better my name.

Newsbook.com.mt: What animal do you relate most to?

Antoine Mifsud: My preferred animals are hawks and tigers as both are natural-born leaders.  Hawks work incredibly well in groups, but they can also be very independent.  They are spontaneous and sometimes could be rather impulsive.

Newsbook.com.mt: What’s your favourite colour?

Antoine Mifsud: Red. It’s the colour of Love, passion and confidence.

Newsbook.com.mt: Can you share with us your favourite quote?

Antoine Mifsud: “There aren’t problems, but solutions”. This quote is attributed to John Lennon. When there is a problem, I automatically start looking for a solution, that’s how I live my life.

Newsbook.com.mt:  Who of the recent popes has influenced you most? 

Antoine Mifsud: Pope Francis because he embodies Jesus’s teachings in his everyday life. He is humble and understands the need of the Church to renew the way it communicates.

Newsbook.com.mt: What do you fear most?

Antoine Mifsud: I fear venomous reptiles. Their bite is lethal and they attack you when you don’t expect it, especially in a forest.

Newsbook.com.mt: What song irritates you most?

Antoine Mifsud: Chiwawa song. I remember the summer it was released. Everyone was playing it and singing it all the time. The song was overplayed so much during that summer that they became irritating.

Newsbook.com.mt: Name one object you can’t live without.

Antoine Mifsud: A large bottle of water. You can drink it all and then refill as much as you need to. Water equals survival particularly if you find yourself in a remote island or a desert. In those emergency situations only food and water can help you survive.

Newsbook.com.mt: What would you choose: a career you love or a big sum of money?

Antoine Mifsud: I would choose money so I would invest it in the career I love. This will enable me to own my business. It is a win-win situation. I can still have the career I love and, hopefully,  double that sum of money that was initially invested.

Newsbook.com.mt:  Why 103?

Antoine Mifsud: 103 is about spreading love to all our listeners. We can communicate educational messages, while making people happy through the music we play, and, hopefully also through the company we provide. We can help people to believe in God and Jesus by sharing our personal experiences.