103: breaking news and analysis

Tista' taqra bil- Malti.

As September rolls on, the radio station 103 Malta’s Heart will be one of the first radio stations to raise its curtain of sound on a new schedule. Following its new direction of music and talk, the station will be varying the talk content between light content and more serious content such as news and current affairs. “We want to keep the listeners informed and updated but we want that information not to be too heavy or too long,” said Channel Manager Arthur Caruana.

Jes Saliba

In the new schedule, the morning will contain regular news updates both in the Breakfast show between 06:00-08:00h and in the Morning Show which will last until 12:00h. The well-known journalist Jes Saliba will be on air for the duration and will update the listeners with news, analysis and interviews during those six hours.

“Bearing in mind that lifestyles have evolved and that most of us are on the run most of the day, news and current affairs need to be gobbet-sized so that the listener can grasp and retain the information presented,” said Sylvana Debono, Editor in Chief. Indeed, the focus on 103 will mainly be short sharp interviews, never longer than 10 minutes and short news updates. There will also be one discussion programme on Saturday mornings. This will be conducted by Prof. Andrew Azzopardi and will delve into multiple subjects with the incisive style of this veteran presenter.

Fair, Accurate and Trustworthy we are on Newsbook. On 103 we add to these -Short, sharp and to the point

Rev Dr JOe Borg, Chairman, Editorial Board

Interviews will be a way in which news will be given more weight on 103. These will be carried out by Jes Saliba in the Morning Show as well as by Sylvana Debono and Fr Joe Borg on “What’s on Newsbook”. The latter are two daily programs of 10 minutes each which feature a more in-depth approach to items in the news arising out of stories on Newsbook.com.mt. These will be broadcast at 1200h and at 1300h.

“In this way we hope to synergize the content of the radio and the portal and helping people get informed while also directing them where they may seek further information,” said Charmaine Attard, Manager News.

“All in all we are seeking to keep the listeners informed within the space of time they normally have to dedicate to the radio. Fair Accurate and trustworthy we are on Newsbook. On 103 we add to these: short, sharp and to the point,” said Rev Dr Joe Borg, Chairman of the Editorial Board.

What’s News on 103?

  • News Updates daily at : 7am, 10am, 12am, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm
  • What’s on Newsbook? Monday to Friday at 12pm and 1pm
  • Andrew Azzopardi on 103 – On Saturdays between 10am-12pm.