100th anniversary of Sette Giugno riots commemorated

Photo credit: Darren Agius

The Fondazzjoni Ċelebrazzjonijiet Nazzjonali recently organised a series of events to commemorate the 100th Anniversary of the Sette Giugno riots which unfolded on the 7th June 1919.

These included the presentation of a commemorative book to Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on the 4th June at Castille, followed by a Sette Giugno Symposium which also took place at Castille, and the presentation of the Commemorative Book to H.E. The President of Malta Dr George Vella at the President’s Palace in Valletta on the 6th June.

The book, titled ‘Sette Giugno, Ċentinarju – L-Ewwel Pass Lejn Stat Sovran’, is a collection of truly original writings and reflections penned by main thinkers and experts on the history of our native country and forefathers. It is published by Fondazzjoni Celebrazzjonijiet Nazzjonali and features contributions by Aleks Farrugia, Prof. Dominic Fenech, Frans Galea, Prof. George Cassar, Prof. Godfrey Pirotta, Prof. Kevin Aquilina, Rev. Dr Mark Montebello, Mark Camilleri, Prof. Oliver Friggieri, Prof. Paul Bartolo, Peter Cassar Torreggiani, Prof. Raymond Mangion, Dr Tonio Borg and President Emeritus H.E. Dr Ugo Mifsud Bonnici.

In the book’s introduction, editor Raymond Mangion comments, “Prime Minister Dr Joseph Muscat states that the importance of this book stems from the fact that there is no one alive today who remembers the events of ‘Sette Giugno’; events for which our forefathers paid with their lives. Every pace, step, and obstacle in our journey towards the achievement of our Independence, the Republic and full Freedom, can trace their genesis to the 7th and 8th June 1919.”

‘Sette Giugno, Ċentinarju – L-Ewwel Pass Lejn Stat Sovran’ promises to be of inestimable utility for researches, scholars and the general public looking for new information about the politico-constitutional and socio-economic development of our society.

The book will be available in all public libraries, schools and local councils from the 14th June 2019.

More info about ‘Sette Giugno, Ċentinarju – L-Ewwel Pass Lejn Stat Sovran’ and other events taking place to commemorate the importance of this anniversary is available online.