10 social housing blocks in Żabbar regenerated

Jeremy Wonnacott (DOI)

Ten social housing apartment blocks have been regenerated through an expenditure of €700,000, as part of an ongoing effort by the Housing Authority to improve existing housing.

The 10 blocks at the Żabbar housing estate house more than 110 families, and in a visit to the site, Social Accommodation Minister Roderick Galdes pledged that by the end of the year, the Housing Authority, together with Housing Maintenance and Embellishment Co Ltd, will be spending €2.6 million on refurbishing 46 social housing blocks, which over 500 families call home.

The Żabbar works involved the improvement of the buildings’ facades, the maintenance of the roofs and refurbishing the blocks’ common parts.

“Investments in the housing sector are essential for this important cohort of our population to live in a better environment. The surrounding communities also benefit from these projects, as they experience also an improvement in their quality of life,” Galdes maintained.

Żabbar mayor Jorge Grech said that the housing estate had been neglected for many years, and expressed his satisfaction that its residence could now enjoy a safer and more attractive environment.

At the request of residents, each of the buildings, which were built on a similar layout, has been painted in different colours to tell them apart.