1 year since Lassana’s murder; “To let this day go by would mean he died in vain”

Today marks one year since Lassana Cisse Souleymane was murdered in Ħal Far, his only crime being that he was black, as Moviment Graffitti put it. The non-governmental organisation encouraged the public to share photos and messages about Lassana on the day, because in their words, if we let the day go by like any other day, it would mean he died in vain.

The organisation created a Facebook event on which people are to post pictures, videos thoughts in remembrance of Lassana’s life, as well as messages of solidarity with the other three victims.

These three other victims who were also shot are still awaiting justice, as is Lassana, since the two men charged with the murder and the drive-by shooting were released on bail.

Moviment Graffitti also encouraged people to help out by donating to Migrant Women Association Malta, who have just launched an emergency fundraising campaign due to an increase in the risk of gender-based violence on migrant women brought about by Covid-19.

The NGO concluded, “Lassana Cisse will not be forgotten. Our migrant brothers and sisters will not be forgotten. Even if we cannot physically meet, let us show we care.”

You can access the Facebook event here.