Customs seize €821,000 in cash over the past seven months

The Customs Department this year has seized over €821,000 in cash including a hefty €31,390 from a man who was attempting to fly out of Malta with the stash of undeclared cash in the beginning of this month. In June and July, Customs seized the sum of €145,000. In almost each case, the Police’s Anti-Money Laundering team was called in since ‘only’ €10,000 are permitted to be taken out of the country in cash. The permitted sum was returned to the owners and the rest confiscated.

June and July have also yielded a significant crop of cigarettes with 26, 417 confiscated. With regards to drink over 12,000 bottles were confiscated in these two months 8,000 of which were alcoholic and 4,800 non-alcoholic.

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