Creamy Beef Stroganoff Wraps

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  1. Colman’s Beef Stroganoff Seasoning Mix
  2. 450gr Sirloin Beef Strips
  3. Onions
  4. Red Bell Pepper
  5. Tortilla
  6. 300ml Semi-Skimmed Milk


  1. I begin by stir-frying the beef, onions, and bell pepper in a little olive oil on high heat in a large saucepan for about 7 minutes.
  2. Then, I blend the contents of the Beef Stroganoff mix with the milk and pour that over the beef. Cover the beef strips well and keep stirring continuously until the mixture starts boiling. Then, reduce the heat and simmer for 8 minutes.
  3. Lay the mixture on a large tortilla wrap and fold tight. Serve as is or grill for 3 minutes on each side. Serve warm.

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