Crackdown on fake profiles

In the past hours, was informed that a crackdown on fake profiles was underway as part of the Galea Reform within the Partit Nazzjonalista. Informed sources said that Dr Louis Galea intervened on two levels: the issue of fake profiles and the use of intemperate language. The same sources said that at least three persons have been brought to heel on these two counts. The action was taken in the hope that it would have a domino effect and other persons with fake profiles and who use aggressive, loaded or otherwise inappropriate language would cease and desist.

Organised trolling?

According to our sources, Louis Galea “discovered an organised system of fake profiles” which was orchestrated to attack Delia’s dissenters. One of the three persons who was hauled over the coals, was warned that if she does not stop the trolling, she would be asked to resign from her seat in the local council. Meanwhile, Galea also asked that those managing any Facebook group whose name contains the words Partit Nazzjonalista or PN, to remove the name of the party from the group.

Efforts to contact Dr Louis Galea proved fruitless.

The issue of fake profiles had been raised in the meetings of the parliamentary group with Party Leader Adrian Delia. Some MPs had taken exception to what they had perceived to be an organised form of trolling in an effort to silence dissent. Meanwhile, the discussion was taken up on Facebook with many praising the action taken.

The action taken by Galea is in line with what he said on RTK 103 FM’s program Newsline where he said that the PN needs a period of calm “…where people would have time to stop calling each other names, making allegations and leaking information…a month of Ignatian retreat into complete silence” said Galea.

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