Cat lover Fitz fears crazy drivers

Colin Fitz, shared some of his loves, dislikes and fears during an interview with He said he loves cats as well as his name; dislikes ‘Buffalo Soldier’ and fears crazy drivers.

The brand new Content Editor of 103 told that he joined 103 as it offers him the career in broadcasting he has always wanted: “one that tackles both fun and serious subjects”.

Colin Fitz produces and presents the Mid-Morning Mag  on 103, Monday to Friday 10.00a.m. until 1.00p.m.

Colin’s answers to’s questions follow. If you had the possibility to change your name (and surname) what would you change it to?  

Colin: I love my name and it’s as good as any stage name. But when I was young I liked the name Jim and the surname Spencer, both from TV characters I enjoyed watching. Which is your favourite animal? 

 Colin: I like cats as like them I am independent, curious and I love to sleep at every opportunity. What’s your favourite colour? 

Colin: Orange, a bright, happy colour that reminds me of brilliant sunsets enjoyed during fun times spent on beaches. Can you share with us a famous quote that inspires you?

Colin: Winston Churchill: “In war: resolution; in defeat: defiance; in victory: magnanimity; and in peace: goodwill.” Who from the recent popes has influenced you most?  

Colin: Pope John Paul II. I attended his Mass at the National Stadium during his visit to Malta in 1990. I also admire him because he inspired his compatriots in Poland to work for their freedom from communist tyranny. What is your greatest fear?

Colin: I’m afraid of crazy drivers who seem to be all over our roads. What song irritates you most? 

Colin: I am not a reggae fan and particularly dislike ‘Buffalo Soldier’. Name one object you can’t live without.

Colin: The internet. It offers a world of knowledge, communication and entertainment, and I can’t see myself going back to how the world was before the internet was invented. What would you choose: a career you love or a big sum of money?

Colin: I already have the career I love, so I will take the money thanks! Why 103?  

Colin: I chose 103 because it offered me the career in broadcasting I’ve always wanted, one that tackles both fun and serious subjects.