Are your seat belts on?

    Whenever I meet someone whom I haven’t seen in a while, one of the first things they inevitably ask me is, ‘Do you drive yet?’

    Let me explain: I passed my driving theory exam back when the iPhone was still in its second generation, Sex and the City: The Movie had just come out in theatres, and the PN was still in power (read 2008).

    11 years on, I still don’t have the legal prerequisites to drive (i.e. a driving licence), and I have to admit that I consider it one of my biggest failures. Am I inept at driving? Is my concentration span that bad? Am I too gay to function? Will these people ever stop asking me whether I flippin’ drive or not? Who knows! The world is a dark and mysterious place.

    Nevertheless, I like to make myself feel better by joking about it – hence the princess-y title of this blog – and by reminding myself that a few good things have come out of it: I am helping the environment, paying some of the Taxify drivers’ wages, getting some good fodder for a Facebook status or two, and not endangering others when I paint the town red and make a fool of myself.

    And that is the spirit of this blog.

    Because in a country which is so evidently failing at every turn, we have to make ourselves feel somewhat better with beautiful things, thoughts and (white) lies. After all, we have to remain sane somehow, don’t we?

    So, from now until Alla biss jaf meta, I will be publishing an article once a week to discuss the good, the bad and the ugly in my and our lives – well, at least in terms of fashion, beauty, (pop) culture and social issues.

    But, before all that begins, I feel the need to address one question those who knew about this blog have already asked me countless times: Why Newsbook?

    Well, Why not? In a landscape populated by partisan news sources, Newsbook, along with a handful of others, doesn’t feel biased. Plus, they’re affiliated with the Maltese Diocese, and it’s about time I got some of those 10c I use to donate during the collection of alms back, no?

    So, head back to this space next Friday for the first proper serving of Born to be Driven.