Air Malta flight delayed due to birdstrike

Malta International Airport plc

An Air Malta flight (KM306/7) that set to depart for Munich at 8.45AM this morning was delayed due damage reported on one of the wings.

It is understood that the damage was spotted and reported during the pilot’s inspection of the aircraft ahead of departure.

Updated 5pmAn Air Malta aircraft scheduled to operate flight KM 306/7 Malta-Munich-Malta was involved in a bird…

Posted by Air Malta on Saturday, June 22, 2019

Technicians later inspected the damage which consisted of a small dent on the wing, believed to have been caused by a bird, during a previous flight.

Further inspections resulted in a delay in the aircraft’s departure from Malta International Airport.

The flight was cleared to depart shortly after mid-day.

This kind of incident referred to as a Birdstrike, can cause serious damage to wings, control surfaces, cockpits and engines.

A similar situation happened only two days ago when a TUI Airways Boeing 737-800 was ascending from Edinburgh airport when a bird struck the right engine at around 150 feet. The strike forced an emergency landing at Glasgow, 50 minutes after departure.

The passengers who intended to head to Spain had to wait 10.5 hours for a replacement aircraft to arrive in order to take the passengers to Arrecife.