AFM says Sea Eye tweet about bringing migrants to Malta ‘untrue’

Sea-Eye / Twitter

A spokesperson for the Armed Forces of Malta has denied that rescued migrants on board the Sea-Eye rescue vessel ‘Alan Kurdi’ will be brought to Malta.

They said that the claim was ‘untrue’.

There comment contrasts a statement from Sea Eye’s Chairman Gordon Isler, who said that the vessel would be preparing to head to Malta following referral from Italy’s Maritime Coordination Centre.

‘Alan Kurdi’ has been waiting off the coast of Lampedusa following their rescue of 40 migrants yesterday morning and their declaration that they would be brought to the Italian island.

They instead stated that the Italian authorities had told them to take the more than 20 hours sail north to Malta.

In a follow-up tweet, Isler posted an image of a 4 year old named Djokovic who had suffered a gunshot wound. He asked if he should be returned.

This latest development comes as the NGO rescued 40 people in the early hours of Thursday morning.

2 of 40 people rescued by ‘Alan Kurdi’ survived Tajoura detention centre air-raid

Among those rescued were 15 minors.

Sea Eye’s Gordon Isler said, ‘We have saved 40 people, 15 of whom are minors and in particular need of protection. Two of them survived the Tajura air raid and are now being held hostage by Salvini outside of Lampedusa. Thus the inhumane haggling about individual fates is seamlessly continued and after the “Gregoretti”, the “Alan Kurdi” gives him further cause for dispute with his EU neighbours’