A first for Żebbuġ: alternating mayors

Two mayors are expected to lead the Żebbuġ Local Council during the current legislature. Independent candidate Nicky Saliba is expected to lead the Council during the first half of the legislature whilst Partit Laburista (PL) Marlene Cini will be taking over for the second half.

Marlene Cini will also serve as deputy mayor in the first half of the legislature whilst she will then be replaced by Sandra Grech in the second half.

During the last Local Councils election of May 2019, Partit Nazzjonalista (PN) had gained the most votes from the Gozitan locality however the decision on the leader of the new Council which consists of 2 PL councillors, 2 PN councillors and an independent was taken during the first meeting.

In a press release, the PL said that its councillors and the independent member have reached an agreement on a framework plan for the legislature. The PL added that the agreement will lead for the implementation of the party’s electoral manifest in the next 5 years and that this is being done for the benefit of the residents of the locality and for transparency’s sake for the Council to operate in an “adequate” manner.