“45 patients hospitalised for over 20 years at Mount Carmel” – Fearne

In Mount Carmel Hospital (MCH), 45 patients have been hospitalised for 20 years or more.

This was stated by the Minister for Health Chris Fearne during a Parliamentary session. It was said as a response to a question asked by Parliamentary Member Mario Galea.

It was stated that as of June 20th, of the 388 patients present in MCH, 52 patients have been hospitalised for more than 5 years, 47 patients for more than ten years, while 45 patients have been hospitalised for 20 years or more.

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The Clinical Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry within the Ministry for Health, Anton Grech, said that Mount Carmel Hospital offers only 10% of the mental health services available. Grech also explained that stigma persists around those who seek help and are admitted to Mount Carmel Hospital.

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Grech added that the service provided at the hospital is good despite the conditions of the hospital, saying that MCH is not just a building.

In April, Fearne had stated that the reconditioning of two wards that had been deemed to be unsafe was the first step for a general Mount Carmel Hospital revamp.

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